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A long history

We are an Italian company that has been producing summer footwear completely in Italy for over 40 years. We can proudly say that our products are 100% MADE IN ITALY.

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Our production consists of a wide range of items such as Birkenstock’s sandals, sanitary slippers, home slippers, beach, swimming pool or sauna slippers and also leisure slippers available for women, men and children. In addition we offer plastic molding and production of footwear components: bottoms, soles, uppers, fussbet and plastic or leather insoles tailored for you. Thanks to our long-term experience and the presence of a small internal workshop, we are able to quickly create personalized items and/or with our customers' logos.

Our attention for the right balance between comfort and fashion has always made our articles a real guarantee. From a qualitative point of view, we always use raw materials according to the most recent European regulations. Moreover, the models, colors and materials used are innovative and always in step with fashion but without losing sight of the importance of safety and comfort.


Our particular attention to the safeguarding of the planet motivated the constant research for the realization of a sustainable production.

    We are equipped with:
  • photovoltaic system that transforms solar energy into electricity for our production machines and for our electric car used for transport.
  • underfloor heating system.
  • well for collecting and recycling the cooling water of our machinery

We produce items with raw materials deriving from recycled materials and all our production waste is recycled by mixing them as a percentage of the original material to create new usable products and without generating unnecessary waste.


Our footwears are produced with raw materials deriving from recycled resources. We also recycle our production waste mixing them in percentage with the source material. In this way we can produce not only new products, but we can also avoid an unnecessary waste. We have recently studied, experimented and created an innovative material for the production of BIODEGRADABLE slippers. We can now produce slippers which degrade in a short time, once thrown away at the end of their life, and above all without releasing toxic substances on the soil. Furthermore we have realized articles using natural fibers such as leather, coconut fiber or real cork.


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